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Some Notes On Entertaining

October 17, 2017

Looking to entertain friends and family? Follow our entertaining tips for your next dinner party!

  1. Warm olives in the microwave before serving. It softens the skin and brings out the flavor. Add some very thin slices of lemon to brighten things up.  
  2. Don’t throw away the Parmigiano rind (or any edible hard cheese rind for that matter…)! Use it to flavour soups, stews, and sauces. When it’s done its job, a softened cheese rind makes an excellent snack for the cook.  
  3. If a dish is too acidic or bitter, balance it out with some salt. Conversely, add some acidity to a dish that is too salty.  
  4. Clean the guest bathroom. Take out the trash. Empty the dishwasher.  
  5. When trying a new recipe, read it through before you even purchase the ingredients.  
  6. Don’t over exert yourself preparing a huge variety of dishes. Make fewer items, be generous with the portion size, and keep it simple.  
  7. Prosecco.  
  8. Garnish EVERYTHING with a light drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of flaky sea salt.  
  9. If you’re putting together a cheese plate, serve an odd number of choices, and serve it before dessert. That’s what the French do.  
  10. You won’t really taste the aromatic complexities of cheese if it’s served colder than room temperature. Same goes for cured meats. 
  11. Consider the anchovy, a humble little fish that adds an umami punch to almost any recipe. Think salad dressing, bitter greens, pasta sauces etc.  
  12.  Always. Toast. The. Bread. (see #8) 
  13. Instead of serving grated cheese over pastas or risottos prepared with fish, use toasted panko breadcrumbs. It adds an excellent textural component without overpowering the delicate flavour of the fish, and you won’t piss off the Italians.  
  14. If someone has the nerve to show up early, feed them. Then put them to work.  
  15. You are ultimately in charge of your own gathering. Feel free to completely disregard the rules. Serve what you want to eat, drink what you want to drink, what matters most is who you’re sharing it with.  

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