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Jan K. Overweel

Mini Gnocchi with Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and Chive

Prep: 15 min Cook: 5 min
4 Servings

This is one of those dishes you can whip up if you have people to impress and you’re short on time. The key is to buy the beets pre cooked!

For the Roasted Beet Sauce

For the Gnocchi


For the Beet Sauce

Toss the beets with EVOO, salt, and pepper and place them under the broiler on a lined sheet pan until caramelized, about 5 minutes. Take care they don’t burn too quickly.

Remove the beets from the oven, and place in a powerful food processor or blender blend until smooth, adding a tablespoon at a time of the chicken stock until the consistency is smooth, glossy and thinned out. It should resemble a creamy soup, not a thick paste.

For the Gnocchi

Cook the gnocchi according to packaging instructions. In the meantime, prepare a large non stick frying pan with a few large spoonfuls of the sauce, on low heat. When the gnocchi are finished cooking, drain them directly into the frying pan and toss with the sauce. It’s okay if a little of the starchy water falls in with the gnocchi.

Just before serving, top with nuggets of goat cheese and chopped chives.


by Emma Pelliccione

Since I was a kid, I loved spending time in banquet hall kitchens; I was mesmerized by the churning of giant vats of sugo, bubbling away, poised to feed thousands at a time. I constantly strived to absorb as much food knowledge as possible. After spending time in exploring European and Asian cuisine I moved to New York City to study at the International Culinary Center. I gravitated towards the Farm to Table program where I took my education to the field – literally – cultivating the ties between agriculture, cuisine, and sustainability, and working with the chefs from the 2 Michelin starred restaurant on the property. It was an experience that shaped my entire philosophy as a cook. I’ve continued to feed my culinary curiosity by working in food styling, as a boutique caterer and as a pastry chef.
I’ve been blessed to spend my lifetime learning about food, and nothing makes me happier than sharing my experiences, knowledge, and meals with as many people as I can. I’ll never be done learning, nor will my appetite ever be satisfied. Am I a chef? Nope. I'm just Emma.