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The Antipasto Platter

January 5, 2018

Antipasto is as ubiquitous to the beginning of an Italian meal as is dolce at the end. It translates to “before the meal”, and is served individually plated or on a large platter, family style. Though hosting like a proper Italian, serving each guest an individual plate of antipasto (very tipico of Italian meals), may not be the most efficient use of one’s time, or dinnerware.
So, serve it instead, on a large platter, dressed with an abundance of garnishes for guests to pick at, aperitif in hand, before dinner is served.
Once all of the ingredients are selected, there isn’t much to putting together an Antipasto platter, only a few guidelines to keep in mind:

The 4 components of an Antipasto platter
1. The Selection: Cured meats and/or cheeses
2. Garnish: preserved or dried fruits and vegetables, olives, nuts
3. Spreads: sweet or savory jam, olive paste, mustard, hummus, meat mousse
4. Vehicle: bread, crackers, breadsticks

The Guidelines

The Board     






The Best Antipasto Platters…

Reflect the season

Contain odd numbers of everything

Serve 1-2 pieces of each item per person

Look abundant, with no empty space

Are served at room temperature

Are casually thrown together, not too contrived